Quality & Risk Assurance

Understanding and adapting to quality issues and risk, along with balancing how far to go in mitigation can be difficult.

We help businesses to analyze their quality and risk exposure and find the appropriately scaled solution for the challenges involved. Our specialty is using the past to help determine the future in a proactive manor through:

Quality & Risk Assurance Support

  • Regulatory Compliance (Measurement, Electrical, Automation)
  • Health, Safety, Environmental Plans and Performance Analysis
  • In Country representative for external investors, business owners (local presence, auditing)
  • Quality and risk management analysis, mitigation implementation
  • Incident investigation and root cause analysis

Quality & Risk Assurance products

  • Regulatory Compliance analysis reports and recommended strategy
  • Health, Safety, Environmental Analysis reports and HSE guidelines
  • Audit reports
  • Risk Management analysis reports and recommended mitigation strategies
  • Incident investigation and root cause analysis reports