Operations Performance

At Voyage West we leverage operating excellence methodologies and strategies to help our customers drive toward distinction.

Inspiration, ideas and calibration are actively pursued with each business internal and external stakeholder through:

Operations Performance Support

  • Advisor (Coach, Guide, Operational Product/Service Perspectives)
  • Scope & Cost Management (incl. Budgeting) facilitation
  • Strategic performance analysis (incl. life cycle support)
  • Planning & Scheduling (short, medium and long term)
  • Tools & Process support (all aspects of Operational focus)
  • Turnaround & Project analysis and support
  • Maintenance and reliability analysis and program development  
  • Applied continuous improvement methods
  • Training

Operations Performance Products

  • Analysis packages
  • Finalized scope documents
  • Cost Management (incl. Budgeting) packages
  • Strategic performance analysis packages
  • Planning & Scheduling (high level Plan to Plan to based detailed P&S)
  • Tools & Process packages
  • Turnaround & Project Performance analysis packages (from pre to post)
  • Maintenance and reliability analysis and recommended path forward  
  • Training packages