Struggling with where to start with your business idea? Maybe your business is up and running and you are wondering where to go next? Do you feel there are gaps in yourself or your team that are holding your business from its full potential? Is there current or potential internal struggle or merger hangover?

These are prime reasons to consider retaining a Business Advisor.

“In fact, surveys show that the ROI on business coaching is very high. One study done on a Fortune 500 company revealed that executive coaching ROI was as high as 529%. Another study showed that for every dollar invested in coaching, the return was $7.90. That’s a whopping 690%! These statistics show just how strategic business coaching increases your business performance.” Quoted from - 10 Reasons Entrepreneurs Achieve Greater Coaching Success Than Others, Posted by Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia

In guiding start up companies, managing assets of large companies or starting a new unit from the ground up I have learned that building a cohesive, well trained and efficient team is all about understanding the gaps and strengths in yourself and your staff. In identifying gaps, I had to ask myself a few key questions: Can I get training for myself or staff? Should I hire this part out? Do I bring someone in part or full time to bring us to the level we need? In all cases I came back to bringing on an individual or team of Advisors to get us on track.

Where did I find quality individuals or teams of advisors? In all cases my preference was using recommended Advisors from sources I was comfortable with. I have had the privilege of working with many excellent people who work in this space and the results speak for themselves including $100 million dollars saved in process improvements, successful start up of a new $1billion dollar offshore platform, successful business plan and financing for manufacturing start up.

With the Return On Investment statistics from the surveys, “Why on earth would you not have a Business Advisor?”

Jody David Parker
Voyage West Consulting