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Jody David Parker, MBA, P.L. (Eng), R.E.T. – Founder & President


Jody believes success is based on solid planning, coaching and continuous feedback driving to make all endeavors succeed. 
His education in Engineering and Masters in Business coupled with his expertise and extensive background in the oil and gas industry ensures safe operation and the maximized value of assets and investments. 

With over twenty years of broad experience in North America and around the world including varying Leadership roles such as Operations Manager, Network of Excellence Leader, and Operations Superintendent along with his experience in small business, he consistently delivers exceptional business results such as achieving 3 years without a recordable incident in Utah and Wyoming O&G assets and reducing spend 25% in multiple assets in the face of current O&G pricing while maintaining production above projected decline curves

As an expert in upstream production, projects and downstream pipeline operations he enjoys facing the unique challenges and opportunities of pursuing new technologies, an undertaking where improving efficiency and reducing costs can be especially critical results including global impact on the bottom line of $100MM+ in production, cost savings and safety performance. 

Leveraging global knowledge in investment, effective budgeting strategies, cost management, technology and people development enabling his work to guide assets toward high-impact opportunities by designing more effective organizations, setting growth strategies, performing budget and cost diagnostics, and leading operational benchmarking efforts producing results such as 30% increase in efficiency.


Chelsea Parker – Founder & Technical Consultant


Chelsea is a dedicated advocate for non-profit volunteering and small business; her passion was influenced at a young age through her church and family’s small businesses. After earning honors from Athol Murray College of Notre Dame upon graduation, Chelsea ultimately sought a deeper and more meaningful cultural experience. Between 1999 and 2013, Chelsea volunteered with a variety of non-profit entities, projects and boards, organized numerous events and coached children’s sports in Canada and around the world while supporting her and her family’s successful small businesses. 

As she has moved around the globe, the organizations she has touched are still influenced by her legacy today. These include the Carstairs Splash Park, Yorkshire Academy, Lighthouse Orphanage - Malaysia, Mont Kiara International School - Malaysia, Lions Club - Carstairs and Community Chest - Carstairs. 

Memorable events she has planned and executed include the Splash Park Golf Tournament fundraiser, Yorkshire Olympics (2010 and still counting!), MKIS United Nations day and various friend and family weddings. Having held Board positions with children sports and non-profits she enjoys working with people toward a common good; utilizing her influence, coaching, planning and technical abilities she brings a sense of people before profit to Voyage West.

She is currently working toward a Certification in Human Resources to augment her planning and technical skills.


Dwayne Ewanchuk – Associate


As president of many companies he has owned and operated and as a partner in other companies, Dwayne has 30 plus years of wide ranging experience in diverse areas including housing, agriculture, manufacturing, restaurants and other successful entrepreneurial businesses. Dwayne’s passion lies in working with clients and partners to assist them in reaching their business aspirations.

The range of his business acumen includes starting businesses from a conceptual stage, to successfully managing their growth, to developing a succession plan to exit the company while leaving it a thriving and viable asset to the surrounding community. This depth of business experience means he has much to offer and draw upon in any work situation. 

Dwayne believes that continuing education plays a huge role in today’s business environment. To this end and in order to enhance his previous business experience, he recently attained a Certificate in Professional Management specializing in Risk Management from the University of Calgary. 

Dwayne continues to develop current business endeavors, this includes offering his services as a consultant in project management, contract administration, business development and risk assessment reviews. In addition to those services he builds business plans for both startup companies and existing businesses looking to improve their position in the market place.



We are the premier consulting support team of choice for our current and future clients.


By 2018 we will be a 100 client distinctive consulting support and associated product organization.

Our strategy:

Focuses on three fundamentals

  1. Delivering exceptional client service by providing consulting support and associated products thus building long term customer relationships
  2. Incorporate the highest performing individuals and teams within our business associate circle to deliver distinctive results to our customers
  3. Impact our customers bottom line by strengthening their business capabilities



“Our work with Jody Parker and his team at Voyage West Consulting aimed to build out the business plan, strategy and timeline in order to achieve investment funding and get our manufacturing startup off the ground. Feedback from lending institutions and investors was extremely positive stating how thorough and precise the work was. We were thrilled when Jody and his team’s support resulted in achieving institution and investor funding within a few months of working with them. That was beyond our expectations in terms of financing and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.

What we appreciated most about working with Jody and his team was their ability to work from concept through to financial projections and deliver well beyond original expectations.

We have retained Voyage West as a continued trusted advisor to help guide us on our journey to success.”

Greg Miller, President, Litebuilt Cellular Concrete Inc.